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Vocational Evaluations

Components of a Vocational Evaluation may include:  Comprehensive Interview; Psychometric Testing; Transferable Skills Analysis; Review of Records; Labor Market Research; Earning Capacity Analysis; and Retraining Plan Review.  Each Vocational Evaluation is customized based upon the individual and type of referral.  The duration of evaluations ranges between three and five hours.


Expert Testimony

Provide expert testimony in cases involving a loss of employability and earning capacity. 

Experience includes a variety of matters related to Workers’ Compensation, Marital Dissolution, Personal Injury, Federal Employers’ Liability Act, Sexual Abuse, and Employment.

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Vocational Testing

Skilled in the administration and analysis of psychometric tests, including: interest, personality, achievement, intelligence, and aptitude to identify individual’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the world of work.  Testing is also used as an exploration tool to assess the appropriateness of alternative vocational options.

Administer standardized testing for the purpose of identifying or analyzing the appropriateness of a proposed Retraining Plan within the Workers’ Compensation system.  Vocational testing can be administered within the scope of an Independent Vocational Evaluation, as well as independent of a litigated matter.


Retraining Plan Reviews

Suanne has been a Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (QRC) since 1998.  She is experienced with assessing the implications of complex occupational injuries, applying the Rehabilitation Rules, and the role of a QRC and Job Placement Specialist (JPS).  Suanne’s national certification as a Vocational Evaluator coupled with her background in conducting Vocational Evaluations has allowed her to critically evaluate proposed Retraining Plans relative to the Poole Factors.


RTW Consultative Services

Suanne has a strong knowledge of common and complex occupational injuries, treatment parameters, providers and appropriate medical care. She is experienced in assessing the medical, vocational and financial implications of work related and personal injuries and illnesses. She is able to effectively communicate with all interested parties to bring cases to successful resolution. Suanne’s experience while working for one of Minnesota’s largest companies has allowed her to identify trends in the workplace and develop solutions for employers to manage Workers’ Compensation, Short-Term, and Long-Term Disability claims, as well as limit the costs of claims.

Her comprehensive knowledge of the impact of injuries and illnesses in relation to an individual’s physical and cognitive capabilities make Suanne an expert in managing complex medical and legal claims. Suanne’s excellent communication, decision-making skills and sound judgement make her an invaluable partner in managing claim costs.